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From Southern New Hampshire and across the Adirondacks, each of our hotels is a jumping off point for the adventure your soul craves.

With modern amenities like keyless check-in and lightning fast WiFi, a sophisticated yet cozy aesthetic, a planet-friendly focus in every detail, and a deep passion for empowering you to live a life of exploration, you can feel good about calling any Weekender hotel your vacation basecamp.

Your Basecamp for Adventure

Life is defined by our experiences, and at Weekender we believe that living lives of adventure, exploration, and growth is what empowers us to be our best selves. In short, we want your every day to feel more like the weekend.

Our hotels are the beginning of great adventures. Surrounded by nature, Weekender properties are the perfect home away from home—a basecamp from which you can explore freely—with a commitment to sustainability, a uniquely modern design that blends sophistication with comfort, and all the tech-savvy amenities you’re used to.

Work, play, connect, recharge. Come stay with us and explore new (or familiar) places while discovering a version of yourself that is unencumbered by the daily grind. Experience the Weekender difference today.

Your Playground for Adventure

At Weekender, we choose our hotel locations based on proximity to nature, the vibrancy of the local culture, and the ability to have outdoor adventures at a moment’s notice, because when you stay where you play memories are made.

Adirondack Mtns., NY
Charming, bustling towns, and 6 million acres of outdoor fun: the Adirondacks offers plenty of family-friendly activities, outdoor adventure for every season, and rich local culture. Whether you’re reconnecting with friends, making memories with family, or simply craving a productive and fun trip, the Adirondacks is the perfect place to be.

Southern New Hampshire
If a unique and vibrant local culture combined with great outdoor recreation is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Southern New Hampshire region, where there’s always something going on: plays, musical events, farmer’s markets, and art festivals, plus a never-ending cache of all-season outdoor adventures… it’s the perfect destination for families, friends, and romantic couples alike.

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Experiences That Transform You

What activities light you up? Do you relish the idea of simply exploring the local eateries and relaxing around a campfire, next to a beautiful lake or do you prefer extreme adventure that gets the heart pumping? Every Weekender hotel sits in an area brimming with outdoor adventure and unique local culture giving you plenty of opportunity to explore.

At Weekender, we intimately understand the need for spaces that function as well for work as they do for play—spaces that feel like home away from home, making it easy to relax and connect with loved ones. Each of our eco-friendly hotels provides exactly this, allowing you to seamlessly transition from one facet of your life to the next.

Come experience Weekender and get in touch with your creative side, tap into new adventures, or simply disconnect from the everyday (there truly is something for everyone on the weekends). We provide opportunities for you to reconnect with your partner, build lasting memories with your family, or start a new tradition with your friends!

At Weekender

Stay where you play

  • High-speed WiFi
  • Hulu+Live and Disney+, in lieu of regular cable
  • Keyless (and contactless) check-in, for added security and ease
  • In-room Alexa devices
  • Simple, modern design
  • Functional common areas
  • Partnerships with local guide shops
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Discover the perfect

Family Getaway

Experience “the weekend” with an unforgettable family vacation. 
Find a deeper connection with nature (and yourself) and experience boundary-pushing outdoor activities. With onsite experiences ranging from relaxing lakeside bonfires, fishing with your children, or knocking another hike off of your bucket list, family fun and memories are made everyday at each Weekender destination.

Discover activities to do with kids wherever you’re staying with our virtual concierge at each hotel.

Story from our Founder

Why We’re Here

Weekender was founded by Keir Weimer in the spring of 2021 with a bold vision to inspire the next generation of traveler to adventure more into the great outdoors; to roam freely and explore new areas and activities; to find and nurture their passions; and to connect with themselves, those they love, and the world around them more deeply.

Keir and the Weekender team invite you to experience for yourself the freedom of the great outdoors, the power of connecting with others and experiencing new things, the joy of a life lived on purpose, and the transformation available through adventure.

Whether it’s that sense of adventure you get when you head into the great outdoors; the calm and sense of place you feel by slowing down and watching the sunrise; or the feeling of community and friendship as you gather around a warm campfire, Weekender is here to bring the energy, emotion, and nostalgia of “the weekend” to the center of our guests’ lives.

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